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Gary Hill’s Studio
2nd of December 

The inaugural event took place on 2 December at the studio of artist Gary Hill. The Seattle-born artist, established as one of the foundational figures of media art, opened the doors of his creative space to other artists, gallery owners and the general public. On the brown, industrial-style walls of his studio was projected Viewer, (1994) one of the artist’s most provocative video installations exhibited worldwide in major museums and galleries.

The artwork projects several life-size color images of seventeen workers. These soundless projections, recorded one at a time and presented as a group, are synchronized so they appear to stand side by side. The projected men remain almost motionless, their movement limited to involuntary gestures such as slight hand movements or almost imperceptible changes in facial expression. There is no interaction between them, which creates an intimate space and a direct relationship between the Viewer and the projection. Each man is alone and looks at the Viewer, who is also being observed. The spectator is a reflection, in which observing occurs in both directions.